Dust Cleaning Roller 305mm (12")

The Dust Removal System (DRS) comprising rollers and pads range are manufactured to give the optimum contact cleaning on all flat surfaces removing dust and dirt.  The dust Cleaning roller is simply rolled over the material surface to be cleaned, then to clean the roller it is rolled over a sticky pad.

These DRS Polymer dust cleaning Rollers require no special handling, chemicals or wipes. The tacky polymer Elastomer surface of the roller lifts particulate matter without liquids or sprays and the cleaning rollers are cleaned during the process when the roller comes into contact with a (DRS) dust removal system pad.

The DRS dust removal cleaning rollers can be used for cleaning glass, exposure frames, laminates, photo tools and any other flat surface where complete removal of foreign particle matter is essential such as in controlled clean room environments.  Another popular use for the DCR contact cleaning rollers is for screen printing applications, prior to graphics being applied or cleaning the surface of prints on paper or metal prior to the application of varnish or Laminating processes.


  • Excellent at removing dust particles
  • Ideal for cleaning many diverse applications
  • Gently removes dust particles
  • Easily tear-off sheets
  • Lint-free
  • Emit no unwanted particles
  • Suitable for collecting particles for subsequent analysis
  • 50 sheets / Pad



  • 305mm (12") 



  • Blue


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  • Pack size: 1 Roller
  • Price shown is for 1 Roller
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